John Wiese – Magnetic Stencil/ 2 LP

John Wiese – Magnetic Stencil/ 2 LP


John Wiese
Magnetic Stencil/ 2 LP
Gilgongo Records

Originally co-released by Helicopter and Troniks as CDs, Magnetic Stencil/ 1–3 is a series of albums produced using an expanded ensemble of recorded sound contributions from a large and diverse group over the course of the three volumes. While elements from the individual artists may ebb and flow throughout the releases, the series once again highlights Wiese’s uncanny abilities as an architect of creative sound. Composed and mixed by John Wiese, Cleveland, Ohio throughout 2020.

Magnetic Stencil/ 1 features: Aaron Dilloway, James Fella, Hair Stylistics, Aaron Hemphill, C. Lavender, Charmaine Lee, Lasse Marhaug, Katsura Mouri, C. Spencer Yeh.

Magnetic Stencil/ 2 features Aaron Dilloway, T. Mikawa, Joe Potts, Robert Turman.

Magnetic Stencil/ 3 features: Mitchell Brown, James Fella, Nathan Howdeshell, Tim Kinsella, John Collins McCormick, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Howard Stelzer, Dennis Tyfus, Katie Vonderheide, and C. Spencer Yeh.

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