Paul G. Smyth/John Wiese — The Outlier CD

Paul G. Smyth/John Wiese — The Outlier CD


Paul G. Smyth/John Wiese
The Outlier CD
Weekertoft, Ireland

"simply an excellent album" ★★★★★ – Spontaneous Music Tribune

"a deeply immersive listening experience into a whole universe of nuanced, imaginary sounds" – Salt Peanuts

"a great improvising duo" ★★★★ – All About Jazz

"instead of building towards a crescendo, Smyth and Wiese delight in sustained textures, then continue their patient growth … Scraped and plucked strings, caressed keys and percussive body knocks stand unwavering against waves of static, clusters of tinkling bells and spectral effects ... Throughout, the music’s flow remains profoundly atmospheric, almost oneiric, whether circling down a spiral of whisper-like low frequencies or being thrown around by violent stabs of noise. To finally break this spell, it takes the combined effort of Smyth making his piano sound like a piano in a jolt of violent phrasing and an eruption of applause." – The Wire

Paul G. Smyth, piano
John Wiese, electronics

26 February, 2015
Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin, Ireland

Recorded by Spud
Mixed and mastered by Spud at Guerrilla Sound Studios, Dublin
Artwork by John Wiese
Photography by Spud
Design by Paul G. Smyth

With thanks to
Matthew Nolan and Catherine Kehoe at Note Productions
Caroline Feehily at the National Concert Hall

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