Sissy Spacek — BMW CD

Sissy Spacek — BMW CD


Sissy Spacek
Gilgongo Records

A screeching smash of searing grit and demolished shock from the trio of Blankenship / Mumma / Wiese, which can be identified as a distinct subgroup within the Sissy Spacek discography, responsible for such carnage as Wreck (2013), Basement (2014), and Slow Move (2017). BMW stands as a sharp-edged monument in the trio’s advancing decay, culled from a session at Blankenship's high-security Bronson studio and utilizing the equipment and environment that fueled sessions by LHD, White Gold, and The Cherry Point.

Limited edition, partially metalized CD housed in a 6-panel digipak, featuring a series of detailed collages by Wiese.

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